My Traveling Spirit

 One thing I’ve learned during my many travels is to make sure I bring my  “Spirit” with me wherever I go…….. if I can’t take it, I don’t worry because I can find it anywhere. I know you are wondering what this traveling Spirit might be…… VODKA!  Aside from being a fantastic drink, Vodka has many uses:

A cure for Acne:

This summer I took a 6-week vacation. I was so excited but at times miserable; I must admit an Arizona resident should never travel to Italy in August. The humidity was ridiculous, and a few days into my trip my acne flared up. The first thing I did when I arrived in Sicily was to purchase a bottle of vodka. Using a cotton ball, I applied it to my face to cleanse the skin and tighten the pores and within days my face was back to normal.

 A cure for swelling and burning pain:

My Spirit has been my hero more than once especially this summer. On my first trip to the beach, I was so happy; the water was crystal clear and warm with an intense blue color. As I dove in I could smell and taste the salty water. I swam a bit then turned on my back and started floating allowing the sun to kiss my face.

Suddenly I felt a sting on my left side, I quickly turned around and swam back to the shore, I looked at my left side and noticed some red welts.  I knew then that a jellyfish had stung me. The pain was unbearable; my sister poured some cold water on me it but did not help.

I grabbed my little bottle of vodka and sprayed the sting and to my surprise it worked, within minutes the swelling and the burning pain diminished.

Mosquito repellent

I also sprayed vodka on me every evening to repel mosquitoes; this alone was worth the cost of a bottle. The fact that it is odorless it helped me avoid an unnecessary family intervention.

Ice Pack

Vodka also makes for a great reusable ice pack. Just mix a cup of vodka and a half a cup of water in a freezer Ziploc bag and you will have a comfortable, soft ice pack, perfect for those hangover moments.

Now that I have shared with you the many practical uses of vodka, I suggest you never leave home without the “Traveling Spirit”.

Posted on November 11, 2017