Sikilia almond pastries are a unique and delicious gift idea – suitable for family, friends, employees, co-workers, business associates … anyone! No matter what the occasion is, our Paste di Mandorle gift bags and boxes are the perfect fit for your gift-giving needs.

Whether you’re looking for a small thank you gift, or you want to make a big impression, our delicious, elegant, traditional almond pastries are the right choice. Take a bite and discover the taste of Sicily.

Paste di Mandorle (Almond Cookies)  Ingredients

1 lb. Original Flavor $18.95
2 lb. Original Flavor $37.90
3 lb. Original Flavor $56.85
Dolcetti Misti (Mini Bite Delight)  Ingredients

Mini Almond Brownie and Almond Cookies Tray: $49.95
Pistachio Almond Cookie  Ingredients

1 lb. Pistachio Almond Cookie $23.50
2 lb. Pistachio Almond $47.00
3 lb. Pistachio Almond $70.50

Bocconi di Mandorle (Mini Bites)


Mini Almond Cookies 7 oz  Box $7.95
Mini Pistachio Cookies 7oz Box $9.95
Cannoli di Sikilia

Sikilia Mini Cannoli-Mascarpone Ricotta Cream (Min. 20) $1.75 each